Alda Homes Eldercare

Alda Homes Eldercare
Nursing Facilities: Physiotherapy, Stroke Rehabilitation
Facilities: Garden, Indoor games, Outdoor games
Phone Number: 0107128260
Official Website:

Alda Homes Eldercare is a premier elder care home located in the heart of Johor Bahru (JB) city. Amidst the busy city, we have painstakingly created an environment where our Residents can enjoy the natural outdoor surroundings within the compound and the temperature controlled comfort of spacious living areas and bedrooms.

We strive to make Alda Homes Eldercare a ‘home away from home’ for the elderly. Our elder care facility is designed to be elder friendly and is staffed with experienced and dedicated caregivers. We encourage visitations and promote activities that will keep our Residents engaged with their families and fellow Residents. At the same time we have specialised care for those who require close monitoring of their medical condition.

We respect privacy and will only accept no more than two persons to a room. We want our Home to have ample living space for each occupant. Our exclusive Residents will occupy two sprawling bungalows ALDA KERANJI and ALDA SAGA. Both bungalows are furnished with all the creatures’ comfort including comfortable spinal care bed, private TV, attached toilet and camera with sensors.

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