Nursing Facilities: Bed Sore Care, Colostomy Care, Ileostomy Care, Occupational Therapy, Palliative Care, Physiotherapy, Post Operative Care, Post Stroke Care, Tracheostomy Care, Urine Tube Care, Wound & Pressure Sore Dressing
Facilities: Astro, Common Hall, Garden, Indoor games, Kitchen, Wifi Internet
Rehabilitation Facilities: Hand Pulleys, Walking Bars
Phone Number: 0198125112
Official Website:

Clearwater Care is a nursing care and rehabilitation centre designed with a luxury home-like environment that provides nursing care for seniors, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation services for those in need.

Here at Clearwater Care, it is all about love. We strongly believe love is the strongest force in this world and therefore we commit to serve with love and to deliver personalized services to each and every customer at our campus.

Clearwater Care focuses on being a home-like because home is where love is. Our campus is like home and we treat customers like family so that they feel safe, comfortable, and loved.

We serve personalized nursing care and rehabilitation services equipped with premium hospitality and modern facilities in creating the luxurious home-like atmosphere at our campus. Driven by the idea and concept (IC) of luxury, we fulfill the needs of our customers:-

Self-Actualization Needs
Esteem Needs
Belongingness & Love Needs
Safety Needs
Physiological Needs
Owned and Operated by Professionals
Clearwater Care is founded by Mr. Zulhaimi bin Ismail, a distinguished lawyer and a well-experienced businessman in Penang. The backbone of Clearwater Care consists of senior staff nurses, general caregivers, lawyers, businessman, and professional educators.

Clearwater Care is operated by a team of professional caregivers (known as Clearwatercare Lovers), consists of qualified State Registered Nurses (SRN), qualified Medical Assistants (MA), certified Physiotherapists, and certified Nursing Aides.

Under one roof, professionals from different backgrounds unite and speak the same language of love in delivering the services.

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