Evoleht Nursing Home

Evoleht Nursing Home
Nursing Facilities: Physiotherapy
Phone Number: 0198622725
Official Website:

Given that our roots are local and that we’ve been supporting individuals at home for more than 8 years, there is a good chance that you may have already seen our professional carer out and about in your community.
The services we offer are of a high professional standard and in a comfortable atmosphere, making you feel at as home as possible. We offer personal and unique care for elderly and disabled including dementia care, respite care, day care, short-term care, holiday care etc.

.Assisting in activities of daily living
.(hygiene , grooming, serving meals etc)
.Wound care from accident, diabetic ulcer, bedsores etc
.Medication administration
.Nasogastric tube feeding
.Cognitive therapy
.Insertion urinary catheters and nasogastric tube
.Assistance with bowel elimination, enema or manual evacuation
.Monitoring patient’s vital sign and overall medical condition
.In hospital private nurses
.Accompany patient on hospital appointment

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