Nursing Facilities: IV Therapy, Physiotherapy, Tracheostomy Care, Wound & Pressure Sore Dressing
Phone Number: 046469889
Official Website:

GeriaMed stand for Geriatric Medical.

We provide step down hospital care & subacute care to the patients.

Our subacute care provides continuous medical management & rehabilitation after acute hospitalization, to manage health care for patients whom need medical attention & treatment to regain the ability to carry out activities of daily life after an episode of illness.

We are treating the patient as whole-body functionality to help the patient to regain functions & ensure the quality of life when discharge.

We assist to manage health conditions, maintaining and improving the patient’s functional status, with an emphasis on maintaining functional independence to the extent that is possible.

We are aimed at Prevention of Complications, Promotion of Function and Mobility, Functional Assessment, provide advice & Instructions for independent exercises and activity, to shorten the duration of recovery and promote general health.

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