Golden Cares Nursing Home

Golden Cares Nursing Home
Nursing Facilities: Physiotherapy, Stroke Rehabilitation
Phone Number: 0193826525
Official Website:

When you choose Golden Cares Nursing Home, senior & assisted living will start feeling a lot like taking an extended vacation. Here, you can sit back and relax knowing that everything you need will be taken care of. We’ve been a well-established Nursing Home since 1999. We offer both short and long-term care, depending on your current health needs and lifestyle preferences. Now that you’re living your golden years, you deserve a golden home!

By the time many of our residents arrive at Golden Cares Nursing Home, most require some degree of health and wellbeing monitoring. Our Nursing Home provides complimentary and customizable Physical Therapy services for everyone. By catering to the personal needs of each and everyone here, we hope to make Golden Cares Nursing Home feel like home.

Assisted living is a great option for individuals who have difficulty with daily activities at home. At Golden Cares Nursing Home, residents who require assisted living are free to live an independent lifestyle, but also receive regular support for a range of daily activities ranging from cleaning to meal preparation.

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