H2H Care

H2H Care
Nursing Facilities: Bed Sore Care, Colostomy Care, Palliative Care, Physiotherapy, Post Operative Care, Post Stroke Care, Ryle Tube Feeding, Stroke Rehabilitation, Tracheostomy Care, Urine Tube Care, Wound & Pressure Sore Dressing
Facilities: Common Hall
Phone Number: 0322011313
Official Website:

H2H Care was established to truly revolutionize the quality, the range of services, and the commitment to professionalism in caregiving.
We understand that patients and their families are looking to entrust their healthcare needs into the hands of a reliable and trustworthy caregiving establishment. We’ve stepped up to do just that.
Each service has been thoroughly analyzed and carefully designed. Yes, we’re obsessed with details.
Every Care Specialist, therapist, and Care Manager is handpicked before they are trained to execute our extensive criteria in caregiving. Our rigorous routines and care checklist is understood by every member of our staff.
H2H Care is always innovating and collaborating to integrate the latest technologies into our range of services. There is nothing like being able to monitor the progress and whereabouts of a loved one in the palm of your hands with mobile devices.
H2H Care partners with other caregiving specialists, industry experts, and common-missioned organizations to further design highly-integrated and enhanced care programs.

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