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Kenneth Care Home Kenneth Care Home
Nursing Facilities: Physiotherapy
Phone Number: 0163314493
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Kenneth Care Home provides three types of services for the elderly. They are 24-hour residential care service, day care service and home care nursing service (private nurse at home or hospital). The scope of care provided by our team of nurses, caretakers and physiotherapist includes protection, supervision, rehabilitation and training for the elderly.

Kenneth Care Home is founded by Dr Kenneth Tan in year 2013. We aim to provide nursing home and daycare services to the elderly who needs professional nursing care. We also provide home care nursing service at patient’s home . Our services are targeted to patients with stroke, coma, bedridden and wheelchair bound patients who require tube feeding, wound care, etc. Elderly person especially bedridden or wheelchair bound one requires extra attention and special care that is difficult for their family members to provide due to job commitment. We can help them by providing professional nursing care and making them feel warm and comfortable in our care home. Our care home is suitable for elderly who desires a place similar to their own home environment with a sense of belonging. This is all coherent with Kenneth Care Home’s theme which is ‘A Place I Call Home’. We have opened four branches in Kuching. Each of our branches accommodates only ten to fifteen residents to ensure that every resident receives privacy and more attention by nurses. All bedrooms and living room are clean, tidy, hygienic and fully air-conditioned. Kenneth Care Home will be a one stop centre in providing information, service and referral source for nursing care of the elderly. In this way, we can lessen the burden of family members to travel around in search of suitable place for their elderly. We are eager to further contribute our service to the community by expanding our branch and type of services to meet the needs of society.

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