KV Guardian

KV Guardian
Nursing Facilities: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Wound & Pressure Sore Dressing
Facilities: Astro, Common Hall, Garden, Indoor games, Wifi Internet
Phone Number: 0125017600
Official Website:

Providing for the old and ailing elders in the family becomes a tedious process in our busy world. A helping hand here and there from well-wishers and sitters helps for a short period but not for a longer period. An experienced person looking after our elders, sensitive to their needs is considered a better option than short term patches as it puts our mind at peace to know that our elders are incapable, caring hands. This complete nursing and medical care can be expensive to say the least which makes it difficult for middle-class people to afford.

We, here in KV Guardian, make this nursing care available to all the members of the community from varying classes. We aim at providing the best nursing care for all types of ailments and disabilities for the special members who require constant monitoring. We also provide a home for other elderly people who need limited to minuscule assistance. We have facilities for short term stay as well as long term stay. We provide services like assisted living care, rehabilitation, medical nursing care, retirement care, handicapped adults care, and short term stay care. In short, we aim to give the old a place where they are taken care of, where they can recover from any short term illness, and mainly, a place which they are proud to call home.

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