My Aged Care @ PJ Old Town

My Aged Care @ PJ Old Town
Nursing Facilities: Physiotherapy, Post Operative Care, Ryle Tube Feeding, Urine Tube Care, Wound & Pressure Sore Dressing
Facilities: Common Hall, Garden, Outdoor games, Wifi Internet
Phone Number: 0178517500
Official Website:

Radiating a welcoming, calm and tranquil atmosphere throughout its lush green setting, My Aged Care is the next best place to call home. Equipped with cozy private bedrooms and private baths, the environment of My Aged Care exudes an uplifting and warm feeling throughout the facility. Open, airy lounge areas invite residents to interact and socialize with one another, while cozy seating corners provide ample opportunity to simply enjoy private moments, relax, or spend time in quiet thought.

A professionally landscaped garden further adds to the sense of beauty and serenity. Take a stroll down the lawn, rest under the patio or spend a delightful evening in the garden with friends or family. The choice is yours.

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