Private Care Nursing Homes

Private Care Nursing Homes
Nursing Facilities: Physiotherapy, Wound & Pressure Sore Dressing
Facilities: Astro, Common Hall, Garden, Indoor games, Kitchen, Outdoor games, Wifi Internet
Phone Number: 0182062680
Official Website:

PC Homes are accomplishing their goals in providing the Elderly with the necessary care and attention they require.
The facilities are formed in such a way that it provides the necessities to give comprehensive care along with a homely feeling.

We surveyed a large group of nursing homes in Malaysia and tried to see what the elderly were missing in their lifestyle. We compiled all of our studies and data to create a new lifestyle schedule for the elderly to ensure our methods would help our residents to live a joyful and active life.

Our Caregivers and Staff are at a great ratio so that they may provide excellent care to the Residents. Each Staff is trained in such manners that they are easily able to provide the best care and attention to all the residents. They have all acquired the great skills to make the residents feel RIGHT AT HOME!!

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