Vcare Nursing Service

Nursing Facilities: Bed Sore Care, Colostomy Care, Ileostomy Care, Palliative Care, Post Operative Care, Post Stroke Care, Ryle Tube Feeding, Stroke Rehabilitation, Tracheostomy Care, Urine Tube Care, Wound & Pressure Sore Dressing
Phone Number: 0164417545
Official Website:

We are VCare Nursing service, is a new nursing home which is situated in Butterworth, penang. We started our nursing home in the early of August, 2016. Currently we have less than 10 clients in our nursing home.

Our nursing home managed by experienced & registered nurses.

We are within close proximity to Bagan Specialist Centre & Hospital Seberang Jaya

Our goals
* To improve the quality of lives and the rate of recoveries.

* To prevent from secondary health complication.

* To reduce stresssm to patient and family members.

* To improve physical and mental conditions.

* To maintain social well being.

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